Question: Police Abuse in New Orleans Sources

I'm volunteering with the organization Common Groun ( which is providing hurricane relief and looking to expand their work to prisoners and those being arrested. They have asked me to research news stories documenting abuse by the police and those working in prisons since the hurricane. If you could recommened online sources for researching such information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Question: Unions in Libraries

i am writing a paper about (labor) unions in libraries. i would like to cover both history and present. can you help me find some sources to get me started in the right direction? any online journals would be much appreciated, as would anything else you can help me with.

Question: Immigration - deportation statistics

how many undocumented immigrants were detained in 2004? how many were deported? how many were under the age of 18 when brought into deportation/detainment proceedings?

Question: Contribution to UN Peacekeeping

I would like to know who the top 50 contributors to UN peacekeeping operations are in dollars as well as troop numbers for each of the last 20 years. Alternatively, one could compile the contributions based on 5 year segments such as: 1980-85, 1985-90, 1990-95, 1995-2000, 2000-05.

Question: Churchill Quotations

I recently saw an author on C-SPAN talking about Winston Churchill.

Question: New Jersey Corporate Taxes

During Governor McGreevy's run for office in NJ, he stated that corporations were paying $200.00 in income taxes.I want to know what the giant NJ corporations are paying. Many of the large companies have tax havens off-shore and pay no taxes.

Question: Resources for Radical Group Organizing

What sorts of resources are there for radical group organizing? I'm not talking about community organizing, but about ways to develop internally -- structure, dynamics, responsibilities, types of leadership, meetings, working with or outside of the nonprofit world, etc.

Question: Regarding Purchasing a Subscription for the New York Public Library

I would like to put copies of the International Socialist Review in the New York Public Library. As a start, I'd like to put them in the NYPL branch libraries in Washington Heights and Inwood.

I am willing to pay the NYPL for the ISR subscriptions, at least for these 2 libraries. In the future, I'd love to see more ISR's in the New York City regional library system, but this is where I wish to start.

Question: Regarding Police/Rescue Worker Forced Entry and Searches

Can Fire, Police, Government and Military legally make forcible entry into homes in the wake of Katrina with impunity despite the fact that they are creating further damage to property (including hist

Question: Request for Information About Racial Diversity in New York Public Schools

I am working on an article on racism in the New York Public School system, particularly the high schools. Where can I get figures for %s of students (and possibly also teachers, principals) of various nationalities?

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