Question: Social Service Usage by Orthodox Jews in New York City

Hi, At a small social gathering several days ago an individual made the assertion, which he framed as a "dirty little secret", to our group that more than half of the NYC orthodox Jewish community were social service claimants.

Question: Origin of the Phrase 'Question Authority'

What is the origin of the phrase "question authority"?

Question: Puerto Rico's "Commonwealth" Status and US Involvement.

How much was the US involved in the creation of the "Commonwealth" status in Puerto Rico?

Question: Laws, Regulations Concerning Pedestrian Exposure to Cleaning Solvents?

hi, and infinite kudos.
the time warner center at columbus circle (nyc) has workers clean the streetlevel stone with organic solvents. i've seen mainly acetone. since i walk past there i get to breath the stuff.

Question: How many people died in police custody in Chicago between 1970 and 1979?

How many people died in police custody in Chicago between 1970 and 1979?

Question: African History

I am looking for an introductory text on the history of Africa or Western Africa. Starting from approx 1700 onwards but especially coverage of the last 50-80 years if possible. A text from the people's perspective would be ideal.

Question: National Regulators Support Banks, Actively Hurt Consumers

Are there times when officials from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have testified before congress (or released documentation of any kind) citing the importance of state regulation or state enforcement of fair lending laws?

Question: Cops per Capita

Where can I find statistics about cops per capita? I'd like to know which cities, states, and/or counties have the most cops and which have the least. :)

question: mountain town zine collection

I live in a tiny town in the mountains. We are a town of readers and thinkers, and have our own very small collection in a volunteer library. We're proud to say we keep no records for the FBI to peruse.

Question: origin of "clean as a whistle"

What is the origin of "Clean as a whistle"?

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