Question: Regarding Smallpox and Kidnapping in the British Colonization of North America.


I'm doing a research on the colonisation of Australia. My argument is that there was a genocide here against the aboriginal people and to fit in the genocide convention 1948 I have to provide evidence of the 'intent'to commit genocide. So one of the ways I want to do it is, firstly, to prove that the British Crown knew that the land was inhabited. Secondly, that the British had been already dealing with smallpox in North America. Thirdly, that the British did not steal children from the northamerican indians.

Question: What Percentage of Donated Money Goes to the Intended Cause?

what percentage of donated money (to non profit organizations) goes to the intended casue (relief effort)?

For example if the Red Cross accepts $300,000 in private donations, how much of that money actually goes to the cause?

Question: Recommend a Scholarly Book on Counter-Recruiting

As a librarian updating our academic library collection, I'm trying to identify a good, recent book about counter-recruiting in the schools. The nearest I can identify is Catherine Lutz's book, "Making Soldiers in the Public Schools," from 1995. Could anyone please recommend one or more books along these lines? Thanks!

Question: Regarding False Ascription

We all should know what plagiarism is. But is there a term for falsely ascribing words to someone else?

Example: A person knowingly alters the language of a book review so that what looks like a quoted excerpt on a resume appears to be positive praise rather than negative criticism. In effect, the person is putting false words in someone else's mouth--a form of identity theft, no? But what's it called?

Question: International Incarceration Rates

I am trying to determine what the best predictors are for the different incarceration rates (IR) of the various countries. For example IR for the US of A is 726/100k, Iceland 39/100k and India 31/100k. These are dramatic differences and there must be some underlying dynamic or set of factors to explain them.

Question: Critical Mass Arrest of Lisa Kozlowski

I'm looking for a picture of NYPD Officer Smolka's arrest of Lisa Kozlowski in Union Square during the 4/29/05 Critical Mass ride.
Ms. Kozlowski was straddling her bike and walking it out of the park when Ofc. Smolka grabbed and arrested her. The story is told here:

Question: Zine Archiving


i recently helped a political prisoner [Jeff 'Free' Luers] publish a zine [Heartcheck].

I was wondering if you knew of places like the Labadie Collection that i can sell or donate copies to so they are preserved in some public records. i used to have contact for james danky and the state historical society of wisconsin but i cant find it. do you have their info as well as other places like labadie?

Question: Criminal Background Checks Throughout the US

In Massachusetts, there's a system called CORI (Criminal Offenders Record Information) that can be queried by employers and landlords to check on potential employees and tenents. These checks can then be used to deny employment or housing to people. Are there criminal background check systems like this in other states? If so, can you provide some examples? Thanks so much; any help at all (even just a little) would be useful.

Question: Domestic Violence in the 1970s

I found this sentence in a zine (it was obviously a clipping from an article or study that was cut and paste into the zine) from the 1980s. I was wondering how I would either find that article/study or something similar (i.e. how many women were killed as a result of domestic violence in the 1970s):

Question: Technical Mac Question

can you burn dvd's at the same time as rendering effects in final cut pro? every time i was burning a dvd and tried to render an effect it spit out the dvd and said it had an error.

actually, although i have used the internet while burning dvds on my toast program, it just now, as i writing this email, spit out yet another dvd(that was the fifth wasted dvd!)

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