Question: About Einstein's Theory of Relativity

In the equation E=MC2, WHY is light represented by C, rather than L? If it was chosen randomly then both Energy and Mass also would have other letters representing them. (Nobody seems to understand my questioning this. Tried various reference sites, plus asked local librarians who were also puzzled but chose not to pursue this further.)

Question: Migratory Patterns of Birds

Are there any birds that migrate without following the season's change?

Question: Regarding Battered Women's Syndrome

In 1977, Joyce Hawthorne killed her abusive husband who had molested at least one of her children. She was convicted of murder. She appealed based on the court's exclusion of expert testimony regarding Battered Women's Syndrome.

Question: What is the Origin of the Phrase "Clean As a Whistle"?

Could you tell me the origin of the expression of "Clean as a whistle"?

Question: Anarchist alternatives to police power

Do you know of any pamphlets, books, or websites that offer anarchist alternatives to police power?

Question: Comparative history of protest in U.S. 1960s - present

Is there already a comparitive timeline detailing and explaining the ebb and flow of social movements, specifically social justice and animal rights, within the U.S.? If not, what kind of data is there on the major protest movements in the U.S. between 1960 - present?

Question: Social Service Usage by Orthodox Jews in New York City

Hi, At a small social gathering several days ago an individual made the assertion, which he framed as a "dirty little secret", to our group that more than half of the NYC orthodox Jewish community were social service claimants.

Question: Origin of the Phrase 'Question Authority'

What is the origin of the phrase "question authority"?

Question: Puerto Rico's "Commonwealth" Status and US Involvement.

How much was the US involved in the creation of the "Commonwealth" status in Puerto Rico?

Question: Laws, Regulations Concerning Pedestrian Exposure to Cleaning Solvents?

hi, and infinite kudos.
the time warner center at columbus circle (nyc) has workers clean the streetlevel stone with organic solvents. i've seen mainly acetone. since i walk past there i get to breath the stuff.

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