NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, August 2010

Met at Housing Works Bookstore

Charlotte, Jenna, Kate Ad, Kate An, and Winston were present.


Rad Ref will hold a meeting in September/October to meet and greet library students. We need to figure out a salon topic. Ideas raised were alternative collections, access to collections, and breaking down barriers between the researcher and subject.

Jenna worked with Team Colors Collective at the U.S. Social Forum and suggested RR maybe invite the collective to speak. They recently published a book on AK Press.
Winston brought up participatory action research as something to be addressed in the salon.

Kate An is going to contact Judson and the Muste Room to get their room rental rates for the salon. She is also going to mention this to the folks at Bluestockings. The salons aren’t usually more than 2 hours long and are usually preceded by a quick business meeting. Jenna suggested maybe LIS clubs at Pratt or the Palmer School would be interested in hosting the event.

Kate Ad raised the topic of RR hosting an event on libraries and prisons - perhaps inviting a prison librarian to speak at a salon. Also, this could be an idea for a Brecht forum event.

Time: Would Friday nights or Sundays be better for the salon? Jenna suggested putting up a poll on the RR website to figure out when is best for people.

We talked about advertising for RR. Should we reach out to non-librarians as well? Currently we do advertise on the NYC anarchist list. Should we expand this- e.g. flyer at places like Bluestockings?

Kate An went to a volunteer organization at FIERCE and learned that they might be able to use the assistance of librarians with their library. She is going to email FIERCE and see if there is interest. Additionally, FIERCE is going to have a bowl-a-thon fundraiser on October 23rd and is looking for fundraising teams and volunteers.

Jenna raised the possibility of a Drupal workday in the fall, probably at ABC No Rio’s Community Center.

Kate Ad was wondering if the RR website should possibly consider using WordPress. Jenna said that a Pratt SILS usability class may pick the RR website to work on in the fall.