How to Hack your Library Working Page

How to Hack Your Library

Help us to create a guide for Rad Ref tabling that includes all of the amazing resources available to everyone at their local library that perhaps are not often realized by the general public-Worldcat, ILL, etc. etc.

Local Online Resources

By the way there's lots of GREAT FREE STUFF at your local public library.

* Brooklyn Public Library and their electronic resources.
* New York Public Library including databases available from home with your library card.
* Queens Public Library, which also provides free access to expensive subscription databases.

Can't find a book, movie, or article online or in a bookstore? Try some library options.

* WorldCat connects the catalogs of thousands of libraries, nearby and around the world. You can search WorldCat for books, music, movies, articles, and more, and then find out which local library has what you need.
* What? The closest library that has your stuff is 800 miles away? Ask your local library about interlibrary loan (ILL)! ILL is a system that lets your library borrow something for you from another library. It can take a long time (even 6-8 weeks or more), but it might be the only way to get something. Often it's free, but ask the librarian first.

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