NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, September 2009

RR NYC Collective Meeting, Friday, September 11, 2009

Attendance: Alycia, Angie, Becky, David, Denise, Ilya, Jenna, Jerome, John, Jonny (facilitator), Karen, Melissa, Myron, Natalie

  1. Intros
    In attendance were new and graduating LIS students (including an RR PDX transplant), library groupies, an ABC No Rio artgoer, a library project practitioner, and returning collective members.
  2. Branch
    Jerome reported on the project:
    • The project soft launched on Sunday, working with the Myrtle Avenue Block Partnership. The will have the space for eight weeks.
    • The concept is working with neighborhood residents to reclaim public space. This library will be community designed and programmed. e.g. Passersby were asked to write down the name of a favorite book. The list was compiled on the Branch blog, if you want to see it. [And in my editorial opinion, it's a pretty great/diverse list.]
    • The real opening will be later this month. Hours are the next seven Sundays, 1-5.
    • They're looking for book donations. Dropping them off during open hours is the best thing to do, but it's not impossible that they could pick up donations, as well.
    • Patrons can check out one book at a time. The circ system is still in progress, though.
    • They're soliciting ways to use the space. They've had some interest, but nothing substantial yet from architecture groups. Suggestions were offered from the group that I didn't write down, but Jerome did.
    • This Sunday's activities: informing passersby of the project and signing up patrons. At 2pm they will arrange boxes as library furniture. If someone wanted to bring a laptop and offer reference, that would be swell. There was a wireless signal last week, but they can't promise there will be one again this week.
    • The Branch Library is not meant to be any kind of competition or criticism of Brooklyn Public Library. They are fans of BPL.
    • There will be a fundraising party in DUMBO on Wednesday 9/16. $5. Please come.
  3. Librarian Swarm (There doesn't seem to be a public page to link to for this event yet, except the Google group page.
    Does RR want to participate in this event as a group? No one at the meeting seemed up for driving, but maybe Natalie B. would be?
  4. Grassroots Media Conference
    • Looking for a new liaison. John did it two years ago, and Karen last year.
    • Alycia and Karen agreed to co-liaise, with Melissa as back up
    • The next meeting is Wednesday night.
  5. Salon Discussion: Google Books Settlement
    • Angie gave an overview of the issues
    • It will be the weekend of October 16-18. Is Sunday afternoon better than Friday night?
    • The date will depend a bit on the location. Suggestions for a Sunday include the Brecht Forum (Angie will inquire), Sixth Street Community Center (Jenna will inquire), and Reverend Billy's HQ (Jenna). Discarded suggestions: Sony Atrium, BPL
    • Jenna will create a webpage similar to the one we had for the OCLC Salon for the event. Angie and John will populate it.
    • The salon concept is more of a "people's university"/peer education model than invited experts lecturing/answering questions. That doesn't mean that experts can't come; they should just know that they are there to listen as much as speak. Natalie will see if she can get someone from Google to attend in that capacity.
  6. G20 Mobilization
    Can/should we offer support to the Pittsburgh crew? No one particularly offered to contact them, but we'd be willing to do home support if asked.
  7. Really Really Free Market
    Last Sunday of every month at Judson Church. Volunteers to offer free reference service? Melissa has been going semi-regularly (most recently it was her and John), but she may not be available to do Rad Ref for all upcoming RRFMs.

    Melissa recounted an interaction with someone who was skeptical that librarians had anything to offer people who were able to "Google it" for themselves. Mel bowled her over with some awesome resources the woman admitted she'd never have found on her own.

  8. US Social Forum
    There is a discussion list for librarians who wish to participate in the Forum in an organized way. There is a RR member in Detroit (hi Ethan!) attending local organizing meetings.
  9. RR article coming out in the late fall issue of Reference Librarian. Congrats and thanks Melissa and Lia!
  10. Angie solicited suggestions of local radical archives and was then encouraged to publish the resulting list.
  11. Myron solicited suggestions of critical information literacy resources.