QUESTION: Plato's Apology for a prison inmate

question / pregunta: 

(From an email to [email protected])

Hello. You have helped me in the past. Kisses! My pen pal is on death row in Arkansas (qualifications to be there: be poor, black and mentally retarded).

He has asked me for a copy of the speech, Apology, by Plato. You know that guy?

He asked me to find it on the internet for him, so I think he is asking for the link. I don't think I'm allowed to mail in articles, I'm not sure.


I found this translation by Benjamin Jowett in the MIT Classics Archive. Will that do? I've copied a Radical Reference member and books to prisoners activist who may be able to advice on the rules about sending printed material.

The books to prisoners

The books to prisoners activist's response:

What facility is your pen pal in? On the Books Through Bars
restrictions list, we have indicated that some places won't accept xeroxes/print-outs, but most do.

I'll also check the BTB collection, if you want us to send him an actual book...I know we've got some Plato that isn't "Republic"! If so, please send me his address -- or, if you prefer, drop by BTB some night we meet and you can pack it up yourself.

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