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I'm looking for the amount of money spent lobbying in support of the Defense of Marriage Act and the addresses of major players in the effort to pass the act and the name of a person to whom one would address such a letter. I am also looking for names & addresses for big-name/celebrity supporters of Occupy Boston. Background: on Jan. 30 the Creative Arts and Subversive Action (CASA) Working Group of Occupy Boston will be hosting a Valentine making workshop where individuals will make Valentines for "the Beloved Opposition" and some of our supporters. I'd like to give the artists just a little information of a financial nature with which to work and of course addresses of where to send the Valentines. I hope this is description is specific enough for your purposes and I would be twinkle fingers happy if Radical Reference would like to include their own suggestions (with the appropriate information) for this workshop. It doesn't have to be on DOMA, it does have to an a financial angle, and some connection to love, lust, etc....(after thought) Some data to contrast with the amount of money spent lobbying for DOMA would be great too....maybe something like....amount of money spent on pre-natal care....or fighting domestic violence. Thanks.


You've asked a bunch of questions, so I broke them down and will answer what I can and hope others help with the rest:

Amount of money spent lobbying for DOMA

still looking

Addresses of major players
Christian Coalition of America (pdf)
James Backlin
2406 Dominion Dr. #3B
Frederick, MD

Traditional Values Coalition (pdf)
Andrea Lafferty
139 C Street SE
Washington, DC

Big name/celebrity supporters of Occupy Boston
Amanda Palmer
c/o Girlie Action
243 W. 30th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY

Russell Simmons
Global Grind Digital, Inc.
512 Seventh Ave, 43 Fl.
New York, NY

Suggestions for other financial/love themed recipients of valentines
thinking about it

DOMA lobbying spending

The Center for Responsive Politics tracks lobbying spending. Their data on the web does not go back as far as 1996, when DOMA was passed, but you can see reports from groups that lobbied on amendments to the bill in the 108th and 112th Congresses.

The reports give data on how much was spent by different lobbying groups per quarter, and while they list the different bills that the groups lobby on, the money doesn't seem to be broken down by bill, so it may be somewhat difficult to get a total dollar amount.

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