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is there a list of lectures/radio talks by frank wilderson?


I'm not sure if you are asking about Frank Wilderson talks in general, or just those about afropessimism, but I found quite a few videos by searching for "Frank Wilderson lectures" in web search engines, and also a number of recordings by doing a google/videos search. You could do these same searches and add "afropessimism" if that is your specific interest.

I wonder if what you are looking for is actually more of a list, however, of all of his talks? Or a chronology of his lectures (or just those about afropessimism)? It looks like he may currently teach at UC-Irvine, where you could get in touch and ask for a CV or list of talks--his email is listed at that page. There is also an older (2008) version of his curriculum vitae available here that lists many talks/presentations, and this site also has more info on Wilderson's work and afropessimism.

have you read the book, Incognegro?

Here is a must hear: Great Interview

And no, this is not spam -- I am just a huge fan of him.

Here is a list of his audio interviews