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i was wondering if you knew where i could find original copies of the black panther, the newspaper produced and distributed by the black panther party.


In the NYC area, NYPL and several CUNY schools apparently have it, see:

It appears to be part of the Underground Newspaper microfilm collection - see description here - you might pick up a few more holdings searching under that title.

It appears that the NYPL copies are at the Schomburg Center , including some of them in hard copy: (Sc +323.2-B (Black panther) Library has: v. 2-7; 1968-1972) [Also on microfilm: Sc Micro RS 103, Facsimile reprint]

Some libraries, including Columbia, have electronic access via the Black Thought and Culture database. I bet some nice librarian would let you into one of the Columbia University Libraries, so you could access the archive yourself.

I'm hoping that some folks

I'm hoping that some folks will add places (other than the Schomburg Center) where you can find "hard copies" rather than microfilm.

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