QUESTION: Corporate revenues from federal government

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Are there statistics available to show how much revenue each of the Fortune 500 (or the Standard & Poor's 500) companies received from the federal government in a given year? For example, how much of IBM's revenue came from the federal government in 2010? And so on.... I think it would be possible to collect this information from publicly-traded companies, and I would like to know if someone has already collected this kind of information, and if so, where to find this information.


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On, you can search for company names to see contracts, grants, loans, and other types of funding provided to the business from the government.

Similar information is also available from the Federal Procurement Data System.

For what it's worth, I looked at company financial information in some of the major subscription databases for this type of information (Mergent Online, Data Monitor, and Standard & Poor's), but they didn't have anything about government funding.