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I am looking for the history of a development organization founding in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario in 1967. The organization raised money for international development and started the Global Community Centre in Kitchener in 1974 which was a hub for activism and education iniatives. However I cannot find anything about the organization except for its name and founding date. Would appreciate help.

Defunct NGO, Canada

Hi Sam,

I'm actually not quite clear on what it is you're looking for--the history of the Global Community Centre, or a different organization? (You say that you found the name of an organization "that started the Global Community Centre," but the only organization name you provide is the GCC?)

That said, your best bet might be to contact someone like James W. St.G. Walker, a historian and activist who was a founding member of the Global Community Centre, or to contact librarians or archivists in the Kitchener-Waterloo area (such as the local history librarian at the Kitchener Public Library, Karen Ball-Pyatt). I see that the KPL carries some of the GCC's annual reports. Such reports sometimes provide historical background information. If you do know the name of the organization in question that is not the Global Community Centre, you could try looking in the library catalogue or archival records under that name as well (if you haven't yet). It might also be necessary to consult local newspaper archives. These types of resources may not be available online and would require a trip to a physical library, though sometimes libraries will provide some reference information via their online "ask a librarian" services.

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