QUESTION: Looking for Data and Statistics on 1033 program to give surplus military equip to local police

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Original Twitter question from @kleinjos:
Know where to find #data on $/quant of transfers to local police under #DOD1033 ? @radicalreference @occupydclibrary


My quick answer was this:
@kleinjos national 1033 numbers under statistics I also found mention of list of rankings by state/ter will keep looking cc:@radicalreference

this website mentions that there is a list that breaks equipment distribution down by state possibly someone with more government docs experience could find it publicly or might try a FOIA request.

We were able by request to one of the state agencies to get a breakdown that covers "FY2011 to Sept. 20" - If this refers to the Federal Fiscal Year it would appear to be about 10 days short, since the Feds use Oct. 1 as "Fiscal New Year" (cue sad trombone noisemaker). Sometimes it's just a matter of getting a message through to the right person (in the right mood). Click to 'open' this answer to get to the file link.

California Statistics

This website was put together by the Center for Investigative reporting and has detailed data just about California:

The author of the report on California is in this podcast talking about the data, and he indicates that they are trying to get the remaining data for the rest of the country through a FOIA request. (Reference starts at 12:33). His contact info is on the CIR website here:

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