QUESTION: Resources for connecting corporations to bills.

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Do you know of any tools or resources for connecting corporations to specific bills & legislation? This would be invaluable for campaigns & information. I'm interested to find answers about many bills on a state & national level.


I think FreeGovInfo pretty much nailed it. Open Secrets is all about tracking corporate influence and lobbying. Check out their Heavy Hitters list. I looked at #7, Goldman Sachs and clicked on the Lobbying tab:

See halfway down the page where they get to Bills Lobbied? That's hot, right?

via @freegovinfo: Off the top

via @freegovinfo: Off the top of my head there's @OpenSecretsDC and @OpenCongress for connecting corps and legislation.

tracking bills and political influence

Besides Open Secrets, which is great for connecting corporate money to specific politicians, you should also check out That site provides a great way to search for and track on pending legislation and Congressional members. There are also some great tools created by the Sunlight Foundation. Check out Poligraft -- which lets you analyze news stories for the relationships between people, organizations and politicians -- Influence Explorer -- to see how a company, lawmaker or other prominent individual influences the political system -- and Transparency Data -- a central source for federal lobbying disclosure, federal grants and contracts, earmarks and federal and state campaign contributions.


I'm pretty late to the game on this, but is also a great resource for this kind of thing.

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