QUESTION: tampering with U.S. Mail

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I need help filing a claim against ADC for refusing to deliver and send out mail to and from the facility. I have filed complaint with ACIC for the Warden showing my ACIC report to others in the prison and I have filed complaint with ADC Director Ray Hobbs, Deputy Director Marvin Evans, Brad Cazort ACIC, and Mr. Felts Chairman of the board of ADC. this has all been ignored as of today. and as of today I have learned that they are still holding mail I sent in last week and mail that was sent to me this week. They have went in and humiliated the prisoner and wreacked havock in his cell and are still trying to provoke him to fight. I'm in Arkansas and I need help


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Ms. McFadden:

I contacted the National Lawyers' Guild, who suggested you get a copy of the Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook: You can view the handbook online here and you can request a copy by sending your address along with $2 in a check, money order, or stamps to Prison Law Project c/o National Lawyers Guild 132 Nassau St. Rm. 922 New York, NY 10038.

I hope this will help you.