Remix My Podcast, 2.0 (NYC Grassroots Media Coalition workshop and networking event)

On January 30, Rad Ref helped out at a podcasting workshop, as part of the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition's "Make This NetWORK" series (we are a partner organization with the GMC).

Andreas Jackson of MediaClectic gave a talk about why and how to create your own podcast, with more generally "Web 2.0" elements included. His slideshow is online. I provided a handout with additional resources (attached below), and Andreas generously invited me to jump in a few times during his presentation.

People had lots of questions related to technology and podcast promotion, as well as privacy concerns (e.g. uploading lots of one's data to "the cloud," particularly Google's extensive cloud banks) and copyright (e.g. can a podcaster who's reviewing commercial music include any samples?).

See also information about the GMC's networking events and the original event flyer (PDF).

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