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Answer: QUESTION: domestic and global stimulus spending


Hi Tatum,

Here are links to some resources that will hopefully help address your question:

Understanding the G-20 Economic Stimulus Plans

Assessing the G-20 Stimulus Plans: A Deeper Look

International Monetary Fund

Fiscal Stimulus Plans: The Need for a Global New Deal

Hope these help.


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QUESTION: domestic and global stimulus spending

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Hello Radical Reference,

I'm looking for good online resources that provide a progressive analysis of stimulus packages/spending in response to the most recent financial/economic crisis in the United States and globally. The article will focus on the speed and scale ($$ amount) of government responses, who benefitted and who didn't, with a particular emphasis on how low income communities and developing countries have fared in the process. I'm on a tight deadline, so any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

QUESTION: Social & community impacts of the global economic/financial crisis on low income communities/people of color in the US

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We're looking for resources on the social and community impacts of the "global economic and financial crisis" on low income communities and people of color in the United States. Can you recommend sources for statistical data, trends and anecdotal information? Thank you.

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