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As far as the crime type statistics go, you can use the NYPD website. The Precints that are in the South Bronx appear to be the 40th (Mott Haven), 41st (Hunts Point), and 42nd (Melrose). It of course depends on what borders you are using for "South Bronx".
This shows the stats for each precinct:
It doesn't say how many are incarcerated, but it will give you an idea.

The South Bronx looks like it's Community District 1 in the Bronx (BX CD-1)
The NYC Dept. of City Planning has stats on each Community District:
Here is an extensive report:

If you still have specific questions not answered in this report, feel free to contact me directly, as I love census statistics. :-)
natalie (dot) brant (at) gmail

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QUESTION: Census-type info fo the South Bronx

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Hey Rad Ref folks,

I'm looking for class composition information for the South Bronx--specifically, stuff like:

-What kinds of jobs do people work in the South Bronx, by population? Average income? Average declared assets?
-How many people are uninsured in the South Bronx?
-How many undocumented folks are living in the South Bronx, roughly, and where are they from originally? What nationality are the people living in the South Bronx, by population?
-What proportion of people in the South Bronx have access to Food Stamps, section 8 housing, social security, and other public benefits?
-At what rate are people in the South Bronx arrested, incarcerated, or paroled?
-What is the current poverty and unemployment rate in the South Bronx?

Is there an easily-navigable database out there somewhere with county, state or federal data of this kind?

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