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WilsonWeb's Library & Information Science gets 24 records for the search: floating collections and circulation Text, and at least 2 of them seem to discuss the need for more workload planning, aligning procedures, cooperation, etc.:

Title: Does It Matter Where the Books Are Shelved (Floating Collections)
Personal Author: Bray, Honore; Langstaff, Gloria
Journal Name: PNLA Quarterly
Source: PNLA Quarterly v. 72 no. 1 (Fall 2007) p. 19, 26
Publication Year: 2007
Subject(s): Cooperation/Montana; Interlibrary loans/Montana
ISSN: 0030-8188

and an earlier report:

TITLE: Floating Collections Within a Consortium: Or, Does It Matter Where the Materials Are Shelved? SOURCE: PNLA Quarterly 71 no1 12-13 Fall 2006

Ebsco's Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts gets very similar results with the search: floating collections (5 hits). Note that this database has no full text; compare Academic Search Premier which lets you "Select a field" TX all text in its advanced search; and gets 15 hits for: "floating collection*" and (library or libraries).

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QUESTION: Floating Collections

question / pregunta: 

Any info on success or failure of Floating Collection. Are there librarians or library staff willing to share info and experiences with Floating Collections--where books just stay forever at whatever branch they are returned to. I found 4 published articles in LL. have talked with Vancouver PL staff, but I am looking for "How We Did It Bad" which never gets published.

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