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Answer: QUESTION: Labor Unions and Trust Funds by state


Adding to this a bit late, but since it was still listed as "unanswered" I will throw this in:

The Institute for Research on Labor & Employment Library at UC Berkeley seems to have what you're looking for:

The IRLE Library collects information in multiple disciplines and formats about employment and workplace issues. Particular strengths of the collection are labor history, labor and culture, labor and the arts, labor relations, organization studies, international labor issues, trade unionism and collective bargaining.

(Scroll down a bit, and you can see the information organized by state.)

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QUESTION: Labor Unions and Trust Funds by state

question / pregunta: 

Dear Radical Reference,

I am wondering if there is a directory listing of some sort that organizes labor unions and trust funds into state categories. I'm finding that it is an extensive and extremely manually process to visit each union website one at a time to inventory them.

Does a labor union and trust fund inventory, categorized by state exist?
Besides a labor union's website, is there anywhere else to learn about them?

Thank you.

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