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QUESTION: emma goldman birth control talk transcript/pamphlet

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Hi all. I have been reading more about and by Emma Goldman recently, and I have this serious desire to find out what she actually told people about birth control in her talks that landed her in jail. I haven't been able to track down that info. Looked in the birth control issue of Mother Earth, looked in Berkeley's Emma Goldman Papers, the Jewish Women's Archive, looked in Anarchy! an Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth Glassgold, Ed. Waiting for a response from the Labadie Collection at U Michigan.

I'd be really excited about either a talk transcript or one of the pamphlets that she distributed.

Thanks so much for any help!

Labadie Collection doesn't have anything : (

Answer: National contraceptive rates


The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division issued a report on World Contraceptive Use in 2009 (report number POP/DB/CP/Rev2009). You can download the data in excel format: The most recent figures for Kenya are from 2003, but there is 2007-2008 data for Rwanda. The rates are broken down by conception method.

You can also find other data from the United Nations' unified database that allows you to search statistics collected by its various agencies:

If you search for the word "contraceptive," you'll get a few indicators of contraception use, including by age, marital status, etc.

QUESTION: National contraceptive rates

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I'd like to include the modern contraceptive rates for two countries in an article I'm writing--Kenya and Rwanda. Do you know where I can find the most current figure for that statistic?

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