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QUESTION: Need statistics on poor, women of color single parents in writing/publishing for grant

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I am looking for facts and statistics on mothers of color, low income, single mothers and publishing (vs. white, middle class, male) in order to show why a grant to fund low income, single mothers, and mothers of color writing.

oh my goodness, thats kinda incoherent, isn't it? my writing skills are sad. I need some good hard facts and figures on the disparages between male and women, women and mothers, mothers of color and white mothers, etc. in the publishing world and who gets published. to help build a proposal so we could have some writers grant to do one part of helping our anthology be able to center these voices better. to fund babysitters and other necessities for great voices out there so they have more of a chance to submit to our anthology as well, is just one part, in addressing this.
-its a long shot, I'm aplying for a local thing due oct. 15
-statistics are always one of my weak points. please help :)

is there a statistic that shows the amount of white people and males and people with money writing about marginalized voices vs. the writing that is published from these groups. Can you turn this quote into a statistic:

"when a White person writes a book from Black characters’ points-of-view it gets on the best sellers list. Then you have Black people writing about the same thing and they can’t get a deal. They can’t get a book contract." - Terry McMillan

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