QUESTION: Ecology and Post-Colonialism Theory

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I am working on an article that attempts to think Colonialism and Imperialism as iterations of the ontological constitution of human vs. non-human. I would like help tracking down writers who deal with the correlation between the circumscription of the colonized peoples/lands and the circumscription of non-human life. Feel free to get in touch with more questions. And thanks for the work you all do. It is so important!

ANSWER: Theory of Anarchy

No Gods No Masters Vols.1 & 2. Guerin, Daniel. AK Press: April 1997 (both volumes). ISBNs: Vol.1 #1873176643, Vol.2 #1873176694
According to Powell's, this is the first English translation of Guerin's seminal work on the history and practice of anarchism in the West. It includes many unpublished letters and essays from founders and leaders in the movement. Appears to be a very broad, thorough reference.

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