teoria de la dependencia

QUESTION: teoria de la dependencia

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i need help finding ruy maldo marini's work in english, via internet or hard copy...im currently just outside of sao paulo, and might be able to get access to local university libraries...i need, most ideally, "los fundamentos de la dependencia. el ciclo del capital en la economia industrial" in english. also, any work by andre gunder frank in english would be super helpful as well, or other authors that follow the latin-american marxist line of dependence theory...im researching the concept of interdependency of capitalism...o, sea, que no es solo dependencia de la periferia en el centro, pero el centro no puede existir en la manera en que se existe sin la explotacion de la periferia...i would like to examine the manifestation of this tendency in the US, as in, look at the thoeries and apply them to the realities of worker exploitation in certain sectors of the US, such as migrant farm labor, if possible. that is my hypothesis, more or less, anyways. bascially, im killing myself trying to translate this stuff from spanish to english and understand it, and so any articles or books translated already would be dope right about now...if there are books, and someone can send me an ISBN i might be able to find it somewhere here or order it...articles i can probaly get with a title and author, if a link isnt available...


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