ANSWER: non-profits with for-profit wings



Since this is a legal question, we have to be mindful that we cannot provide legal advice. The only sure way to find a definitive answer to this is to retain legal counsel. But this does not prevent us from pointing out a few legal resources, if you wish to do some research on your own, since there is an abundance of free full-text federal, state, and even some local laws online; as well as access to legal news and journals via many public and academic libraries.

If you are near a large academic library, you may be able to get access onsite to legal databases such as Lexis Academic. Limiting to US and Canadian Law Reviews, I get 3 hits in Lexis for the "title of article" search: non profit and for profit. The title search: nonprofit and "for profit" gets 17 hits; "not for profit" and for profit gets 25 hits. (I put quotes in that one because NOT is usually a Boolean operator and tends to confuse database search engines). Law reviews would get you into very detailed legal analysis, with many hundreds of references to actual legal cases and to other articles, reviews, and even books on non-profit law and policies. An example of a book cited is "For-profit enterprise in health care", by the Committee on Implications of for-profit enterprise in health care. Washington, DC: National Academies Press, 1986. If you search the title: For-profit enterprise in health care in Open Worldcat, you can see what libraries closest to your present location have it.

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