I decided it would be productive and relatively easy to provide links by searching the open web, with the terms "leadership and models and social and justice."

The results, like this one

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development--focused on student leaders

seemed to be mostly student centered, so I tried again with Social and Change and Model and Leadership and community and building -students, which yielded Building Capacity for Social Change, specifically geared to communities of color. And here's an easily digestible offering from Buffalo State College called The Social Change Model.

Most of the other sites want you to pay for a training with them or buy their publications. One of these, Lejuste Three Dimensions of Leadership Development from Connections for Community Leadership offers plenty of information that you might be able to make use of without having to take their workshop.

Leadership for a Changing World provides links to Leadership Stories by Issue.

The above links should give you plenty to chew on for a while, but please come back if you have a narrowed down question we can help you with.

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QUESTION:Informal leadership and movement building leadership models

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Hello! Looking for research on informal leadership and movement building leadership models. Informal leadership in this case being non-positional, non-titled leadership in the context of social change, movement and/or community building work. Most of the leadership research we have found relates to formal or positional leadership or informal leadership in business or institutional contexts. Referrals to international sources or models are welcome and invited. Thanks!

QUESTION: Leadership Development for social change programs

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Can you suggest possible sources of information about leadership development programs in the United States and internationally that focus on leadership for social change, social movement building and/or public interest leadership (as distinct from programs focused on leadership in management or industry). One use of this information is to begin the development of a global database of socially conscious and progressive leadership develpment programs. Hope you can help. Thank you.

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