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The Occupational Outlook Handbook gets 13 hits for librarians and 27 for library. Finding the most popular library related jobs will be a little tricky, because many of them are listed under categories such as web developers, media specialists, information architects, and many others. You may need to go with very broad searches in journal or newspaper databases. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) gets 139 hits for the search: library jobs. Librarians and employment outlook gets 5 hits. But trying the phrase "most popular" gets very little - "most popular jobs" got zero hits, even searching full text; even "most popular" and jobs got just 9 not too promising ones. LISTA does not link to nearly as much full text as do some other databases, however. Academic Search Premier (available at many if not most academic libraries) gets 17 hits for: most popular and library jobs (in "TX - all text")

Masterfile Premier (less technical than Academic Search, and more geared to public libraries), gets 16 hits for: most popular and library jobs. You might even try very general searches in business databases. In Factiva, the search: most popular jobs (searching full text) gets only 59 hits in the past 2 years.

But I think the biggest problem in this search will be the huge variety of jobs in contemporary libraries. For example, in many large libraries Information Technology is one of the biggest departments, and is heavily weighted toward programmers, hardware technicians, and computer interface specialists. Also, this does not even account for the large number of "de-facto" librarians, who do the same kind of research and reference that we in "Libraries" do, but who work for publishers, scholarly societies, Web search engine providers, and countless other companies that may very well call them Assistant Manager, IT Officer, or many other titles.

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