QUESTION: switching political parties in nyc

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I was just looking at new york city election laws. I am registered to vote, but am not registered in any political party. I was thinking of switching to be a democrat for this election so I could vote in the primary.

From what I read on the Board of Elections site ( http://www.vote.nyc.ny.us/register.html )"You cannot CHANGE your enrollment and vote in the NEW PARTY of your choice in the same year."

I take that to mean that even if I was to switch party affiliation now, I can't vote in the upcoming primary. I would have to wait until next year's primary to vote.

This got me thinking. My main questions is this: How far ahead of the rebublican primary did Bloomberg change his party affiliation?

Is it really the case that I could change affiliation and run in the primary but I'm barred from voting in the primary?

My secondary questions are in how this relates to other places rules on primaries and has an issue like this, a restriction on voting in a municipal primary, ever been resolved in the courts?

Voters' Rights

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QUESTION: Presidential Candidates stance on Crack Cocaine sentencing

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Did Hilary Clinton vote against enforcing Crack Cocaine sentencing changes retroactively.

Has Obama voted on the Crack Cocaine sentencing disparity and made public statements about it. and if so where are those public statements?


QUESTION: Clinton and McCain voting history on Iraq and Afghanistan war

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How have Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama voted on key pieces of legislation authorizing spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? The top 10 or 15 spending bills would be sufficient to establish a pattern.

I'm a member of the Int'l Socialist Organization and we would like to use this information on our signs.

This research should go back to the beginning of the Iraq War, since neither Clinton nor Obama were Senators in 2001 when the war in Afghanistan was launched.

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