QUESTION: Citations for research articles on hydraulic fracturing/hydrofracking for natural gas?

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Can you help me collect citations/abstracts/full-text of research articles related to hydrofracking for natural gas? I'm particularly looking for technical/engineering and toxicology articles investigating the potential/actual harms caused by the hydraulic fracturing process. Articles concerning the socioeconomic impacts are useful as well. The more reputable and mainstream the journal, the better, since our goal is to provide comments to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Abstracts and citations are appreciated, as I can probably track down the full text. Search strategy suggestions are also welcome.

For the sake of disclosure, I'm an occasional RR volunteer but I could use support and assistance from other activist library folks on this task. I'm working with citizens' groups in upstate NY to provide substantial comments on the Draft SGEIS, which will determine the constraints placed on fracking permits across NY, and influence the final regulations governing the process in our state.

If this question doesn't meet the guidelines, please let me know and I'm happy to take it down.

Thank you for your help!

Answer: QUESTION: Public Officials, Revolving Doors


Hi Mitch,

I did some searching on, which I've found to be a useful resource for these sorts of questions (money and politics, revolving doors). Here are a couple results which may be of interest:

You may be interested in these blog posts pointing out some of Cabot's many violations:

I also searched for coverage of the public meeting you mentioned. Some of these articles may point you to the information you need:

Good luck!

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QUESTION: Public Officials, Revolving Doors

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Recently, there was a large public meeting in North East PA where a gas industry rep (who had worked at the state DEP for many years until getting his new job) said mentioned that his company had hired many people from the DEP. How can I find out who these people are, at least potentially, and their numbers? The specific company was Cabot Oil & Gas, but there are many other companies that could be doing the same thing.
Thank you

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QUESTION: federal or state tax incentives for sustainable/renewable energy

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