QUESTION: the brutalization,minimization and oppression of womyn at P4W during 1988 to 1993

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I need to know how to get ahold of a tape made of the mens riot squad,brought over from KP to "apparantly...contain,restrain" these out-a-control womyn, by using brute force and engaging in the VERY illegal stripping completly naked of these womyn, not for the first time either. They just happened to get caught this turn round, and good on them. I was one of those womyn and am attending a conferance in Ottawa..University of > I realize its short notice but the conferance is for CSSDP[goto drugpolicy.org to find outmore]it will be held on NOVEMBER 7-9/ 2008 at of ottawa, pls let me know how to get my hands on it, I am a writer now ,mostly newspapers, and the like, but Im a keynote speaker and wld certainly appreciate anything else that ya may think relevant as IM a avid advocate for womyn and all taht they loose when sent away....how their children are sentenced along with them etc..pls respond I deeply thankyou TraCY mCrAE

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