US Social Forum registration

Radical Reference is now registered for the US Social forum in Detroit in June 2010. Melissa and I are the only Rad Ref members registered as part of our organization. We can register one more person for free, so if you want to be that person, email

Here's our organization page Please join, if you're so inclined!

In case you're wondering what our plans are for the Social Forum, you're not alone. A couple of people on the RR-USSF list asked me for a description of what exactly Radical Reference might do at the Social Forum. Here's what I told them...

The main thing I envision (and this could change, based on the ideas and desires of those participating) is staffing an information desk and teaching workshops on research, fact checking, and whatever tech and other skills we have in the Media Center. I see us closely aligned with and supporting IT and Media working groups.

We could also propose a workshop, panel, or librarian birds-of-a-feather session, and I know Melissa wants to build upon the information seeking behavior research she and others began at the last USSF.

But me personally, I imagine that I'll show up with the tech team and help install computers in what will begin as the registration area and then morph into Media, and then pretty much stay there, serving as a news library and plugging in as needed, emerging occasionally to attend a session or eat something.

What are your thoughts?