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2010 NYC Anarchist Book Fair planning meeting 10/6/09

Please spread the word!

(Radical Reference members have been part of the planning collective as well as presenters/facilitators of workshops since the first NYC Anarchist Book Fair took place in 2007.)


Calling all anarchists, anti-authoritarian bookworms, brainy revolutionaries, creative autonomists, and anarcho-curious radicals!

2009 NYC Software Freedom Day

Radical Reference received an invitation to this NYC event:

Open Source / Open Culture at Lime Labs

[email protected] presents "From Software to Everywhere"

Rad Ref members at LibCampNYC

LibCampNYC 2009, an "unconference" held for librarians in the New York City area, was held last week.

Proceedings of the First National Joint Conference of Librarians of Color now available

Going around the email lists is the announcement that the conference proceedings from the first Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (held in October 2006) are now online at Check it out!

NYC Radical Reference at the Really Really Free Market

Today was the second time that Rad Ref members have been present at the Really Really Free Market in NYC.

Upcoming NYC event -- Documenting Struggle: Three Radical New York City Archives

Our NYC event is less than a week away! All details are at

The Organic Industry

Dr. Philip Howard (Assistant Professor of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies at Michigan State University) maintains information graphics on the structure of the organic industry. Looks like a good resource for other researchers and activists, as well as regular consumers like you and me. Who owns what? Who's merged with whom? And more! (Thanks to the Park Slope Food Coop's "Linewaiters' Gazette" for recently reprinting one of these graphics.)

NYC Rad Ref discussion of book and library access to people in prison - Sunday, March 9

Ever really wanted something to read?

Ever thought about how people in prison and jail get books and magazines?

NYC Grassroots Media Conference - Sunday, March 2

Start getting ready -- the fifth annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference is coming up on Sunday, March 2, at Hunter College.

Rad Ref at the 2007 USSF

So I recently returned from Atlanta, where I attended the first ever US Social Forum, along with a few other librarians. Here is my report back.

My impressions of Atlanta were that it was hot (I guess that goes without saying, but this was an especially enervating heat), there's almost no one walking on sidewalks in the part of downtown where the Civic Center is located, and I got asked for change more times in four days than I have in the past several months in NYC. The Atlantans I did speak to (including the guy working at the Kinko's below the Marriott and most of the people asking for money) were super friendly, though. While there were a few (overpriced, sorry) vendors set up on one of the streets bordering the Civic Center, there seemed to be only chips and candy for sale at a station inside the center itself, and given the packed schedule and lack of access to busier city streets, I was hungry most of the time.

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