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One place that might seem surprising, but is well worth a try, is the Defense Technical Information Center. The search: "forward operating bases in iraq" "operation iraqi freedom" map gets 10 hits, including Fire for Effect: Calling for a More Potent Energy
, which has some maps that give base locations and names on pages 41 and 42. You can also try other searches such as "Iraq war 2003" bases map, but I am getting a LOT of irrelevant hits. Part of the problem is that DTIC does not have "proximity search" - like Google, you have to use either exact phrases, or look for the default AND (all of the words/phrases somewhere on the pages but maybe very far apart). gets about 764 results for the search: "iraq war 2003" bases occupation map site:edu

Some similar searches in Google Web search led to a West Point Iraq war history site. It also might be well worth trying to add , to get a non-US university perspective - or even site:iq - to get Iraqi websites.

Jim Miller

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