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This guide was created to help those looking for alternative options in Dallas (lifestyle, diet, interests) that might not be included in mainstream city guides. This is not fully comprehensive, but we did our best to give you options as close to the Convention Center and Downtown as possible, and with a few outliers.

Red = Convention Center
Green = restaurants with vegan options
Light green = places that are likely to have vegan options but we don't know for sure
Light purple = bars and coffee shops that are good places to hang out
Blue = museums, resource centers, libraries (aside from DPL)
Black = art, music, culture
Hot pink = shopping or cool, random stuff

Best bet for transportation if you're staying downtown or going to Deep Ellum is on foot or by the DART train. There aren't any bike rental places nearby, and there also aren't any bike lanes, so... yeah (hopefully that's in the process of changing, though and Try not to walk around at night alone. If you are going between Downtown and Deep Ellum, keep in mind you will have to walk under the expressway. I did this everyday to and from work when I worked at El Centro (DCCCD) and was fine, but it does get a little seedier at night. Also, if at all possible, avoid the McDonald's (1000 Commerce Street) -- there have been a lot of muggings, drug deals, and other stuff you would probably like to avoid.

More on safety: program some cab numbers in your phone (or keep them handy) -- there is not an abundant number of taxis running around Dallas to grab, you'll most likely need to call in advance.

  • To get to Deep Ellum: Take DART Green Line going East (Buckner) and get off at Baylor stop
  • To get to Exposition Park area: Take DART Green Line going East (Buckner) and get off at Fair Park stop
  • To get to Cedars: Take DART Red or Blue Lines going South (Westmoreland/Ledbetter) and get off at Cedars stop
  • To get to Convention Center from the general downtown area: Take DART Red or Blue Lines going South (Westmoreland/Ledbetter) and get off right at the Convention Center stop
  • To get from Convention Center to Deep Ellum or Exposition Park, take the Red or Blue Line going East/North (Parker Rd/Garland) and get off at any stop between West End and Pearl (within downtown). Then catch the Green Line (Buckner) and get off at Baylor or Fair Park, depending on where you want to go.

**(All DART lines meet at the Pearl stop, which is on the East end of downtown, closest to Deep Ellum. They all run through downtown, and then split again right after the West End stop, which is before Red/Blue goes off toward the Convention Center. Need more help?

If you're looking for GLBTQ-friendly places, the Oak Lawn neighborhood is a gay neighborhood with a lot of options. There are a couple listed on the map, but it's not as comprehensive since Oak Lawn would require a cab ride and isn't right by the convention center. If you need a start, check out or

There are more vegan options than what is listed, but just like with GLBTQ venues, since most people attending Midwinter won't have a car, we are trying to keep everything within the downtown area. If you feel like venturing out farther, check out This is a comprehensive list of vegan restaurants (or restaurants that are very vegan-friendly). Being vegan myself and working downtown, I wanted to point out places that are nearby and have at least something edible. Dallas Vegan has a printable guide that could come in very handy.

Dallas only has two bookstores, both used and neither are near the Convention Center, so they aren't listed.

We hope this guide is useful to you -- if there are any glaring omissions let us know (use the contact form by clicking on pumpedlibrarian at the top) and we can add more on.