Evaluating information, and sharing the skills required to effectively do so as we become more and more media-saturated, is an ongoing topic of concern for both the the library profession in general and Radical Reference in particular.

Fact checking workshops have been a mainstay of Radical Reference's practice sine the group's inception. You can see a set of slides for download from 2006 here: and a more extensive set of materials from 2008 here:, and some follow-up notes from a 2010 presentation here:

Within the field of library instruction, information evaluation skills are often discussed under the term "information literacy." Many library schools have resource pages on the subject, as you can see with an internet search for the term (limited to "" to only get things from that domain.) A good introduction can be found on the Association of College & Research Libraries site, here:

You may also find interesting, especially perhaps on the question of how the media could do better, is the April 19, 2013 On The Media program devoted to the coverage. More questions than answers, perhaps.

Hopefully other Radical Reference members will chime in with their favorite resources on these important questions.

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