PDX Collective Meeting Notes - September 2008

Wed., Oct. 1, 2008 at Anna Banana's Coffee House

Lana, Renee, Donna, and Nate in attendance

Briefly went over Radical Reference mission and gave background information for new members and those who missed last month's meeting.

Donna shared copies of the article, The Government Domain: Political Fact-Checking Websites, which is also available online here.

Discussed having someone volunteer to be permanent moderator at future RR meetings.

Lana informed the group that the Independent Publishing Resource Center [IPRC] will be permanently hosting RR meetings the first Tuesday of every month, starting in December.

Current projects:

Cataloging of the Bitch magazine lending library is going well. Many of the books have been reorganized using new categories. Donna is researching sites/software to catalog the materials. We hope to have this project completed within a month!

Possible future projects:

- Multnomah County Library's Target Language Practicum [see attachment for more information]
- Involvement with Oregon Prisons and the literacy & information needs of prisoners
- Workshops and talks at the IPRC [ex. 'How To Be a Librarian in Portland']

Also, Donna suggested CNRG to find new members and post about future RR projects.

We talked about possibly putting together an info/FAQ webpage for RR projects. The page would set some guidelines for taking ownership of projects, and would also provide information for those interested in collaborating with RR on what the group does and does not do.

Target Language Intern fact sheet v. 2.doc75.5 KB