Delicous dream becomes reality

Some of you may remember me posting about my delicious dream project of using delicious to build a radical reference reference shelf of Web resources. Well, as you can see by the delicious tags in the right column, the dream is becoming reality! Thanks Jenna for adding the block to the radref site!!

But I need everyone's help to build this up. If you find a Web site that you think would be of interest to radref and our user community (assuming you've already got a delicious account :-) ), tag the site with the "for:radical_reference" tag. This will send it to us so we can integrate it into our virtual reference shelf. If you're not sure what to tag, take a look at what we've tagged already to grok what we're interested in at the moment.

Or better yet, install the complete add-on to your firefox browser (you ARE using firefox right?!). This add-on allows you to tag sites for multiple delicious accounts.

Here's what you do. 1) install the add-on; 2) Click on "tools" --> "add-ons"; 3) highlight the delicious complete add-on and click preferences. 4) in the accounts tab, add the user name/password; 5) when you want to tag something, right click (or ctrl click for you mac users!) select delicious, choose the account and tag away (don't forget the extended description)!

I sent the radical_reference account info to the radref list a while ago, but if you'd like to help out, email me at radlib AT ucimc DOT org. I'll send you the delicious account info and you can get started.