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Berman's personal LCSH scorecard

I'm really honored to be on the Sandy Berman distro list (for those that don't know Sandy, check out his Web site!) and get nuggets of Bermanabilia almost e

Question Copyright informational meeting

Shinjoung and I are on the board of Question Copyright, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose goal is to "promote public understanding of the history and effects of c

Please join in the discussion re future of libraries

I just wanted to let folks know about the critical discussion on the future of libraries and librarianship going on now at free Government information (FGI).

Library service to labor unions (1948)

Shinjoung's working on a paper about the history of labor libraries and libraries supporting labor unions. here's an article from 1948 that I thought folks might want to read.

Sandy Berman's letters to LC

We're big fans of Sandy Berman. We were all very concerned when we learned a few months ago that Sandy was in a most painful car accident and faced months of painful recuperation. Well, the news got better with the recent package in my mailbox from Sandy. You see, Sandy has a long-standing old-fashioned listserv that is regularly distributed via snail mail. These packages include articles of interest as well as copies of letters that he regularly sends to Library of Congress suggesting new Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) along with support from the literature. So when that package showed up in my mailbox, I knew Sandy was well on his way to recovery!

Archives of dissent, food for thoughts!

(Note: cross-posted on Free Government Information) In September, I had the good fortune to attend a most interesting panel discussion held at UC Berkeley's

Radical Cataloging

Jessamyn just turned me on to K.R. Roberto's new book, Radical Cataloging: Essays at the Front. Go out and buy one for every librarian that you know. Really, do it now!!

(admission: I've now added Jenna's feed because I woulda known about the book earlier if I'd just read the Lower East Side Librarian!!)

Fostering media diversity in libraries

Here at radref, we've been having a discussion about how to get alternative materials into library collections.

Weeding libraries. Hello, Grisham -- So Long, Hemingway?

Check out the bookmobilistas

Shinjoung and I just got back from our 2 week tour driving the Internet Archive's bookmobile around Northern CA. We learned tons and talked to lots of folks about copyright/public domain, libraries and their local communities, how new technologies affect libraries, and how libraries can integrate the 250,000 (and growing) digital public domain books and other digital content from the Internet Archive.

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