Florida anxiety; Republican control of vote

The state is awash with anxiety about voting machines. Jeb Bush is still governor. The St.Petersburg Times had an article on August 2, 2004 that demonstrates the depth of the state government's involvement in depressing the vote:
Secretary of state knew of voter list flaws in May
By Associated Press
Published August 2, 2004
Secretary of State Glenda Hood held out two months before scrapping a database of felons barred from voting, despite knowing about problems with the list and the vendor responsible for compiling it.

A May 2 internal memo requested by Hood details missed deadlines, failed software programs, personnel problems and a long list of mistakes, the Miami Herald reported Sunday.

The memo, obtained through a public-records request, underscored problems the state faced as it rushed out a list of 48,000 people who could be kept off voter rolls. The memo also documented problems over a two-year period with a $2.7-million contract with Accenture, an international technology consulting firm.