US Dept of Energy's "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" sitegives financing
links, including individual states

Also, you can use their advanced search, choosing "Must contain the phrase in the body": tax incentives and "must contain the words in the body":residential pennsylvania, to get 22 hits on PA, for example. You can also try searching in, which has a very "Google like" search engine. The search: "solar energy tax credits" gets 45 hits; "solar energy" "tax credits" "new york" gets 100 hits.

In each state (use www.state.[2 letter state code].us), try browsing for their energy or environment departments. [state].gov also works, as in,, etc. For example, has an index link at left to "Government:, then to "State agencies and departments", then "Energy Efficiency", which has a "Grants and loans" link in its index column on left. In addition, the state pages often link to local governments - which may have local incentives.

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Jim Miller,
University of Maryland
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