ANSWER: federal or state tax incentives for sustainable/renewable energy



US Dept of Energy's "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" sitegives financing
links, including individual states

Also, you can use their advanced search, choosing "Must contain the phrase in the body": tax incentives and "must contain the words in the body":residential pennsylvania, to get 22 hits on PA, for example. You can also try searching in, which has a very "Google like" search engine. The search: "solar energy tax credits" gets 45 hits; "solar energy" "tax credits" "new york" gets 100 hits.

In each state (use www.state.[2 letter state code].us), try browsing for their energy or environment departments. [state].gov also works, as in,, etc. For example, has an index link at left to "Government:, then to "State agencies and departments", then "Energy Efficiency", which has a "Grants and loans" link in its index column on left. In addition, the state pages often link to local governments - which may have local incentives.

Please let me know at [email protected] , or leave a new comment here at Radical Reference, if we need to look for more (or different) information on this.


Jim Miller,
University of Maryland
Engineering & Physical Sciences Library

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