QUESTION: Nonprofit Librarian wages.

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I have a very specific salary question.
I'm wondering what the median salary and salary range for an Assistant Librarian at a non-profit special library in New York City. I think this could be easily answered with the SLA Salary Calculator or survey but I can't locate a copy or access the calclulator.


The SLA Salary Calculator is available only to purchasers of the SLA Salary Survey. There probably aren't a lot of individual purchasers - none came forward to help us here. The best bet would be to find a library that holds the survey and get them to run the calculator for you. can give you a ballpark figure (32k-53k with a median between 37k and 48k), but I didn't dig far enough to have any idea of their dataset.

You may also have to deal with pop-ups, ads, and various other distractions.

You might try a search on "job pay calculator" and see if you get the same results from other sources.

let me know if this is an answer.


Hey Yeah, I tried all the


Yeah, I tried all the free salary sites, including
I just need something more specific that addresses non-profit vs corporate special libraries.
Thank you though!

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