QUESTION: How do I find a non-profits IRS 900 form when Guidestar won't turn anything up?

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I'm looking into a non-profit called the Alliance for Youth Movements ( I searched for its IRS 990 forms on both and and nothing turned up. How do I get their 990? Do I have to go through the IRS directly? Is it possible for non-profits to file their IRS paperwork under a different name than the one they publicly use, making it impossible to search for their records?

Answer: QUESTION: How do I research a foreign non-profit that operates in the US?


The IRS has an Exempt Organizations Tax Code, Regulations, and Official Guidance, and more links at its Tax Information for Charities & Other Non-Profits site. But a search for the words: canvas, or strategies, or "all the words" Applied Nonviolent Action (or applied non violent action), in their Search for Charities, Online Version of Publication 78, gets zero hits.

Google gets 10s of thousands of hits for the full name in quotes, and you might try focussing it to edu sites: "applied non violent action" strategies site:edu (7 hits), "applied nonviolent action" strategies site:edu (26 unique of "about 46"), "applied nonviolent action" strategies site:eu (12 of "about 68"), etc. You might also try (states as well as federal reports and sites), which gets 5 for "Applied Nonviolent Action" strategies and 1 for: 5 for "Applied Non violent Action" strategies. I get only 2 hits in LexisNexis Academic for "Major world publications" all avail dates, all text, for: applied non violent Action and strategies. If you are near a large public or academic library, it would be wise to search their "National Newspapers", or "Proquest Newspapers", or individual large ones such as the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. The above Google or searches may lead you to names of people - or other related agencies or organizations - to try in more searches.

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QUESTION: How do I research a foreign non-profit that operates in the US?

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I'm trying to find out information about a Serbian non-profit operating in the US and many other countries around the world. (Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS). If they operate in the US are they required to file an IRS-990, or is that only if their headquarters are located in the country? And if I can't get their tax info, is there any other information that foreign non-profits are required to file with our government, or am I pretty much out of luck?

QUESTION: Printing Press Fiscal Sponsor

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Hi Radical Reference,

I'm currently working on a project I have been dreaming about for a longtime. Getting a Printing Press off the ground. So far I have began to stur up interest and support with a blog stating the projects intent and a small initial project that will realize in the meantime (a collaborative zine). I've been sending the e-mail below to friends and have begun doing searches for projects, people, etc. to also contact. I anticipate I will be sending out e-mails over the next week or two as I continue to do research.

My question for you has to do with needing a fiscal sponsor to umbrella
under while I begin to raise money. After checking out the project more who would you suggest I contact to propose such an endeavor? I really appreciate your time and any information you could share.

Mad Love and Sweet Rebellion,
jenny haley
Smart Tart Press

QUESTION: How do you find the bylaws and other information for a non-profit organization?

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Hello. We need to find out some information about a nonprofit in our area, including their bylaws and how many members they have. We can not do this openly right now. How could we go about finding this information? Please share all the ways you might know! We need this information soon to go on with organizing in this area. Thank you!

QUESTION: Nonprofit Librarian wages.

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I have a very specific salary question.
I'm wondering what the median salary and salary range for an Assistant Librarian at a non-profit special library in New York City. I think this could be easily answered with the SLA Salary Calculator or survey but I can't locate a copy or access the calclulator.

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