QUESTION: Gender Budget Analysis

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I'm trying to locate information on Gender Budget Analysis and if it has been used.


The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) has two sites on the subject, also apparently known as Gender Responsive Budgeting: (click for more)

The Gender-Responsive Budgeting website, and a link to an FAQ on their Women, Poverty, and Economics page.

See especially the page on initiatives within the first cited.

Click the above title for a list of references.

You will note from the first three items below that Debbie Budlender appears to be a major scholar/expert on this subject - a Swiss organization has a list of articles by her compiled on their site

How to do a gender-sensitive budget analysis : contemporary research and practice by Debbie Budlender; Rhonda Sharp; Kerri Allen; Australian Agency for International Development.; Commonwealth Secretariat.
Publisher:Canberra, AusAID ; London : Commonwealth Secretariat, ©1998.
ISBN: 0868036153 9780868036151

Gender budgets make more cents : country studies and good practice by Debbie Budlender; Guy Hewitt; Commonwealth Secretariat.
Government publication; English
Publisher:London: Gender Section, Commonwealth Secretariat, ©2002.
ISBN: 085092734X 9780850927344

Articles on web (I think freely available) found using Google Scholar:
The South African Women’s Budget Initiative by Debbie Budlender
Paper prepared for workshop on Pro-Poor, Gender- and Environment-Sensitive Budgets,
New York, 28-30 June 1999

Gender Budget Initiatives: Why They Matter in Canada By Isabellla Bakker in cooperation with the Gender Budget Analysis Committee of the Alternative Federal Budget

articles found searching [Gender Budget Analysis] in Academic Search Premier - available in many public libraries and colleges

GENDER BUDGETING IN BELGIUM: FINDINGS FROM A PILOT PROJECT.Preview By: Holvoet, Nathalie. European Societies, Jun2007, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p275-300, 26p, 2 charts

The article highlights activities and findings of the Belgian
initiative regarding gender budgeting, which are put against the background
of theory and practice developed so far elsewhere. Attention is drawn upon
the opportunities of gender budgeting to push further forward the policy goals
of gender equality, thereby overcoming a number of problems commonly
associated with the currently widely propagated strategy of gender
mainstreaming. The article provides first-hand information on the origin of the
Belgian initiative, its political location, the activities performed and the
methodology used. Analysis of findings addresses a number of key
dimensions in gender budgeting, including (i) the overarching importance of
the political location, (ii) the internal management and monitoring function of
gender budgeting and the importance of prevailing budgetary systems, and
(iii) the external accountability function of gender budgeting and the need to
link up with outside-government initiatives.

Gender budgets and beyond: feminist fiscal policy in the context of globalisation.Preview By: Çağatay, Nilüfer. Gender & Development, May2003, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p15, 10p

Macro-economic theories and macro-economic policies in general, and fiscal policies in particular, are seldom, if ever, gender-neutral. Since the mid-eighties, gender budget analysis, which has been undertaken in many countries, has been a key strategy to challenge macro-economic theorising and policy-making. Such initiatives, along with a variety of pro-poor budget initiatives, constitute the major challenge to the prevailing fiscal policy stance in many countries. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the changes in the fiscal policy stance in the context of liberalisation and globalisation in order to draw out their implications for social inequality, especially gender inequality. The article ends by discussing a variety of policy advocacy positions open to feminist activists, to build on the work of gender budget initiatives.

found searching LexisNexis (available in many academic and some public libraries) - finding mostly newspaper and some popular magazine items:
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