PDX Collective Meeting Notes - March 2009

Mon., March 2nd, 2009 - meeting held at IPRC
Nate [moderator], Laura, Ian, Lana, Renee, Denise, Ismoon, Martha, Kristen, Mark, and Sylvia in attendance

Past Projects:
1. 'How to become a Librarian' workshop
- In the beginning of February, RR members gave a talk on 'How to become a Librarian' at the IPRC. A general outline of the talk is available here. It was a great success! Attendance was high and several people left on account of the meeting room being full. Future talks on the same topic were suggested, as well talks on fact checking and copyright. If you would like propose a workshop topic contact Ann Marie at the IPRC [info@iprc.org].

Current Projects:

1. Q Center Library
- The Q Center Library is moving locations. Once the move is complete Ismoon will be in need of volunteers to assist in the labeling and cataloging of materials, as well as donations of new and academic LGBT books . If you would like to volunteer or have donations, please e-mail her at ismoon[dot]maria[at]gmail[dot]com.

2. Prison outreach
Partnership for Safety & Justice

- Denise has contacted Partnership for Safety & Justice to find out if they are interested in working with RR. Possible projects include answering questions from inmates' letters and creating information packets for frequently asked questions. It was suggested that RR creates a wiki page where questions can be posted and RR members can answer them on their own time.

Inverness Jail
- Due to budget cutbacks all new projects have been put on hold and no additional volunteers are being accepted at the jail. According to Carol Cook, Multnomah County Library's prison outreach coordinator, this may change in the summer. Renee will remain in contact with Carol and will contact her in May to get an update.

3. Public Library Support
- Due to the nationwide economic crisis many libraries have been subjected to severe budget cuts and staff lay-offs. The Oregon Historical Society's impending temporary closing and staff cutbacks along with the Oregon Trail Museum's closing were discussed. Lana suggested RR find a way to support these libraries as well as inform the public as to the importance and role libraries play in communities today. Suggestions included outreach through podcasts and blogs; letters to editors of small papers; RR cheerleaders, 'Ignite'-like slideshow presentations, and Portland Community Media collaboration.

Other News:

Google Books Settlement
- Laura has provided some links on the Google Books Settlement, which may be discussed at the April meeting.

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Cites and Insights

Emily's blog post on this issue at "In the Library with the Lead Pipe"