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Which public policies(personal liberties) of the Obama administration are simular to the Bush administration? Such as wire taps, patriot act etc.


Hi Adam,

At nearly three weeks since you asked your question, "soon" has come and gone, I'm afraid, which I think is kind of appropriate for the answer it was my first impulse to give. That being that at six months into his presidency, it may be a little too soon to compare Obama's policies to those of the eight years of the Bush administration.

That said, a Google search on <bush obama policy comparisons> let me to some potentially useful results.

Obama's Private Health Care Meetings Draw Comparisons To Cheney -- Irritatingly, the article isn't dated, but from the content we can gleam that it is very recent.

A List of Obama Bush Comparisons: 10 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush -- Do not rely on the information provided on this page. Most if not all of the links are self referential, and spelling errors are also worrying. I included the link for you to use as a sort of place to start from. You'll have to independently verify all of the Humble Libertarian's assertions and conclusions.

The Cheney Fallacy -- from The New Republic, May 2009, subtitle "Why Barack Obama is waging a more effective war on terror than George W. Bush."

In stark legal turnaround, Obama now resembles Bush -- McClatchy, from June.

Eerie Similarities Between President Obama and Bush's First 100 Days -- April Huffington Post post.

Barack Obama's 100 days, $3tn budget, 10 bills and one big comparison: Roosevelt -- The Guardian, compares Obama to Roosevelt primarily, but points out differences from Bush.