Bush Obama comparison too soon?


Hi Adam,

At nearly three weeks since you asked your question, "soon" has come and gone, I'm afraid, which I think is kind of appropriate for the answer it was my first impulse to give. That being that at six months into his presidency, it may be a little too soon to compare Obama's policies to those of the eight years of the Bush administration.

That said, a Google search on <bush obama policy comparisons> let me to some potentially useful results.

Obama's Private Health Care Meetings Draw Comparisons To Cheney -- Irritatingly, the article isn't dated, but from the content we can gleam that it is very recent.

A List of Obama Bush Comparisons: 10 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush -- Do not rely on the information provided on this page. Most if not all of the links are self referential, and spelling errors are also worrying. I included the link for you to use as a sort of place to start from. You'll have to independently verify all of the Humble Libertarian's assertions and conclusions.

The Cheney Fallacy -- from The New Republic, May 2009, subtitle "Why Barack Obama is waging a more effective war on terror than George W. Bush."

In stark legal turnaround, Obama now resembles Bush -- McClatchy, from June.

Eerie Similarities Between President Obama and Bush's First 100 Days -- April Huffington Post post.

Barack Obama's 100 days, $3tn budget, 10 bills and one big comparison: Roosevelt -- The Guardian, compares Obama to Roosevelt primarily, but points out differences from Bush.

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