Black clubwomen creating institutions to shelter Black juvenile delinquents in 1800s?


Hi Vicki,

Here are a few things to get you started. The first link is to the publicly available article “Black Club Women and Child Welfare: Lessons for Modern Reform.”

This site provides information about the General Federation of Women's Clubs

The next item is a book, which is not available online but, is available though New York Public Library.

Southern Ladies, New Women: Race, Region, and Clubwomen in South Carolina 1890-1930 by Joan Marie Johnson.

These two articles are available through an article database called JSTOR, which is also available through NYPL. You can give these citations to a librarian and he or she should be able to get them for you.

“Black Feminism in Indiana, 1893-1933” by Erlene Stetson

“Welfare and the Role of Women: The Juvenile Court Movement” by Elizabeth J. Clapp

I saw several other similar articles, but most of what I found was not publicly available, though you should be able to access them through NYPL. If this is an option that appeals to you let me know and I can post some more.

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