Aug 10th, meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes

August 10th, 2010

In attendance – Robin, Megan, Andrea

Agenda: Mandate
Articles (knowledge share)
Action Plan

The mission on the RR flyer is good, we could use it as our mandate with a couple of small changes
Radical Reference is a collective of library workers and students who
believe in social justice and equality. We support activist communities,
progressive organizations and independent journalists by providing
experienced research support, education and access to information.

-changes: take out the part about library workers, add something about having a local Montreal focus
-Robin will make a google doc with the proposed mandate so people can make comments, suggestions, changes, whatever

We talked about the articles really briefly, they give a history of RR and briefly explain how RR works

Action Plan
-We should build a website using wordpress so that people from the mtl community can come directly to our chapter
-stuff that will go on the website: About Us
Virtual reference shelf (subject guides)
Blog (news about events, street reference, ect)
Question page (for people to submit reference q’s)
Projects section (develop info lit sessions, brainstorm, etc.)
Links to alternative libraries catalogue, the PIRGS, CURE, info shops, ect.
-Robin (?) will start the wordpress site so people can start adding content
-we will continue to post stuff on the RR website
-we will need to get money if we want to do street ref (to print stuff)
-Fundraise? Become a working group?
-Andrea will look into becoming a QPIRG-C working group
-Robin will look into becoming a QPIRG-M working group
-we should start preparing a general demo package based on the ones that have been used in other places ( with Quebec/Montreal specific info (legal stuff, maps, ect)
-Andrea will create a google doc so people can start contributing

Other Stuff
-another aspect of having a mtl chapter of RR is so that we can support each other in our work (should this go into the mandate somehow?)
-we could do reference at other events, like film screening, panels, bookfairs, etc.
-Andrea will send out the link for the A-librarians listserve
-we need some francophone’s to help make this project bilingual!

Next Meeting – Monday August 23rd, 5:30pm at Atwater Library