Aug 23rd 2010 meeting minutes

Rad Ref Aug 23rd Meeting Minutes

People at the meeting – Caroline, Megan, Andrea, Marie Michelle
Agenda – General reference kit
Working groups
Other stuff
Mandate action plan

Next Meeting – Thursday Sept. 9th, 6:15 at McGill, I booked a pod in the cybertech

• Is there a google doc?
• M&M will translate it

• We can’t log in because it’s set to private, can you change it to public Robin?
• Ppl will need to be able to ask q’s (once that page is ready) without logging in
• The about us page will have info for people who want to volunteer
• We should create all the content in google docs first and then put the info on the webpage (is that what we said?)
• Once we have info on the site we will send another call out to library types to see if other ppl want to help out
• Not sure how best to make the info accessible in both French and English, it’ll be super hard to translate everything into both languages but we need to have at a minimum all the important stuff in both (ex. Submit a q page, navigation, mandate, ect…) also, all questions will be answered in the language they are asked.
• We should send out info about events on the listserve incase people join to get the info that way

General Ready Reference Kit:
• Each section will be bottom lined by a different person
o Legal – Megan
o Travel – Caroline
o Medical – Andrea
• Ppl can add info to any of the sections
• We should use slideshare or scribd so that the info is presentable and easy to print

Working Groups:
• QPIRG-C – Jaggi will send out the application sometime in sept.

Other Stuff:
• We should start doing stuff! Trial and error!
• Megan will look into what is involved in a fact checking workshop
• Andrea will try to get info about the oct 22nd demo
• Megan will make a google doc folder so that everything is together and easy to access
• Caroline will make a google doc for the virtual reference shelf
• Francois said he could look at the French translation of the flyer but it’s not clear whether we will use it to advertise…