RR in this month's American Libraries

Well, they didn't mention anything about what radical reference is about, but at least we've been included in this month's American Libraries


Ok, this is interesting. This link to the ALA news item omits the final paragraph that appears on page 14 of American Libraries, which reads:

"Radical Reference's (www.radicalreference.info) website launched July 31st using volunteer librarians to answer questions related to the political season and to assist protesters who planned to demonstrate during the convention"

That's a pretty important paragraph, in my opinion. Otherwise, Radical Ref just looks like "another protest group," only making the news in terms of its run-ins with police or the signs they happen to be holding, not with any explanation of its purpose and what it actually does.

Was this a paragraph added later to the print magazine, or omitted from the online version? A link to the radical reference website would have been good up on the ALA website.

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